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Hi I am trying to move attachments from any outbound email message back to the parent, in this case it's Cases. I created a trigger on Attachment and check the incoming flag and copy the attachments and then delete but it never does anything. Has anyone come across this problem?

Hi I am trying to calculate a date time field, which will always show the local time it was created in. So if another user views this field ,it will show the local time of the user who updated that field and not the current user?


I am working with ternary operator , but it always giving false value

string resName';

resName =  (obj.order_number__c == 1) ?obj.Response : ' NA';

Here order number type is number
Response is Text
But above ternary expression always gives 'NA'.

I tried with native IF like

if(obj.order_number__c == 1)
     resName = obj.Response;
    resName = 'NA';

the above code is working fine, but it is not working by using ternary operator.
Anyone explain me the why it is not working.
  • August 20, 2014
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Hi I am trying to mimic how case milestones work with a custom object what i am trying to achieve is calculating the elapsed and remaining times.

When a new record is inserted it will calculate which business hour this record should be in. Now what i need to do is calculated the time in this business timezone.


For example record a is inserted and has new york time zone business hours i want to calculate the start time, end time in that timezone now what i also what is a real time count down of elapsed hours and remaining hours etc in that time zone. I also need to pause the time based on a status field.


So my question is this possible in a formula field? Any suggestions how to achieve this and salesfoce calculates when the time was paused?