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In our salesforce org there is eloqua integration. It basically inserts Campaign records into salesforce.

For 1 campaign i am getting this error "Insufficient Access on Cross Reference Id". I already checked the 2 id fields in the record to be inserted (ownerid and recordtypeid) and they are valid.

The eloqua user which inserts the record has Read,Create,Edit permission on Campaign and user has Marketing User permission also but NOT modify all.

The observation is the role of the owner is below the eloqua user. If i change owner to another one whose role is above the eloqua user and try to insert then it works perfectly and record gets loaded. This behavior is similar to Transfer Owenership permission.

So while loading records with (owner id) through API do the user need to have transfer record permission? Thanks for your help.


Hi Friends,


To find the next Birthday formula 


How to create......


step-1: create the custom field for Date of Birth----It's type-Date


step-2: create the formula field for Birthday ---It's type-Date




MONTH(ramki__DOB__c) = 2 && 
DAY(ramki__DOB__c) = 29 , 
OR(MOD(Year(Today())+ 4-MOD(Year(Today()),4),400)=0, 
AND(MOD(Year(Today())+ 4-MOD(Year(Today()),4),4)=0, 
MOD(Year(Today())+ 4-MOD(Year(Today()),4),100)<>0)), 
Year(Today())+ 4-MOD(Year(Today()),4), 
Year(Today())+ 8-MOD(Year(Today()),4)) 
Year( ramki__DOB__c ) <= Year(Today()) && MONTH(Today())<= MONTH(ramki__DOB__c)&& DAY(Today()) <= DAY(ramki__DOB__c) , 
DATE(Year(Today()),MONTH(ramki__DOB__c),DAY(ramki__DOB__c)) , 
DATE(IF(Year(Today())<Year(ramki__DOB__c), Year(ramki__DOB__c),Year(Today())+1) ,MONTH(ramki__DOB__c),DAY(ramki__DOB__c))))



it's correctly worked for leap year dates.......

this is code for find the next Birthday friends......



Easily Calculate Age:


create formula field -------(Number)


Age=YEAR( ramki__BirthDay__c) - YEAR(ramki__DOB__c)









I recently attended the Salesforce DEV-501 training course and wondered whether anyone was interested in swapping just the lab / training files with me for other courses such as DEV401 etc?

  • September 21, 2011
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Hi - SF Help & training indicates that you can add up to 4 columns to a dashboard table.  I'm still struggling with it, I can only get it to show 2.  Has anyone been successful with this?