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I need help regarding dashboard and VF page. I want to display dashboard chart (not whole dashboard with all chart in it) in visualforce page somehow.
I have tried two options:
1.    Using Iframe: I can use the Iframe to display the dashboard but the problem with Iframe is that it doesn’t show individual charts, it shows all charts within that dashboard (including buttons and tabs).  
2.    Using dashboard configuration parameters: I can display individual chart in VF page using dashboard image URL with configuration option. But I need rsid (dashboard chart Id) for that. In dev org, I can find this id by viewing the source of image (using inspect element) but I have concern for production org where I will not able to find the rsid (Dashboard chart ID) using SOQL query.
Please help me to fetch the rsid dynamically or suggest better option to reach the goal. I just want to display single dashboard chart (not static image of chart) in VF page.
  • March 18, 2015
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I have a question regarding community deployment. We are developing community related features in our product. So some of our code includes the use of 'Network' object. While installing package with this code, the destination org requires community should be enabled otherwise it gives installation error. 
Is there any way to make the deployment of community features dynamic? 
i.e: If the destination org doesn't have community enabled then it will install the package without giving any error but community-related features won't be enabled (or installed). OR if destination org has community enabled then it will install the app with community-related features. 

  • March 17, 2015
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I am using Network object in Apex code. This object is used to develop one of the feature of the app based on community (This is not the only feature of the app, it is one of the feature of the app which is based on chatter community). To deploy this package, Community needs to be enabled in destination org. Because community is a paid feature for production org, in some cases clients don't want to buy and enable communities in their org. 
Just because of this reason, we are not able to deploy our package to other orgs. Is there any way to make this deployment dynamic? Meaning that first it will check the destination org for community. If enabled, it will install the package with network feature else it will install the app without that pieces of community (Network object) in apex code. Can I use dynamic apex or post install script to make this happen? If yes, How?

  • November 03, 2014
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