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i'm trying to build a visualforce email which displays nested Line Items like that:

Object A
-Line Item 1
-- Sub Line Item 1
-- Sub Line Item 2
-- Sub Line Item 3
-Line Item 2
-- Sub Line Item 1
-- Sub Line Item 2
- Line Item  3
-- Sub Line Item 1
-- Sub Line Item 2
-- Sub Line Item 3

I'm not sure how i can call this nested structure in a visualforce email. Any ideas?

Thanks Alex
I built a flow (autolaunched), which updates a few fields in an object and sends an email. I want to start this flow via an action. I built a vf page to start the flow. Triggered via a button, everything works fine. But when i trigger it via an action, the vf page fires everytime the page is loaded. How can i change that behaviour?

Does anyone know why an email alert triggered from a workflow would not be creating the associated activity history? Emails sent through the interface, through Apex, and through the API are all logged in activity history (when the appropriate information is set). The email alert is set to be sent to the Contact Email (standard) field.