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I have a requirement where in I have table with 6 fields. The first 5 fields are picklist and sixth one needs to be calculated and should contain the result.

Now ,the user can select any values from each of the 5 picklists and based on the selection of values from the picklist , I will need to perform some numeric calculation and display the numerica value in the 6th field on the fly.


Currently my sixth field is a formula field , but the issue is , that formula field calculates and displays only after clicking on the save; Whereas my requirement is that the user  can see the change in the value of the 6th field on the fly as and when the user selects or changes the value in any of the first 5 picklist fields.



Please help!

Any complete sample code or javascript is appreciated. Thank you!

i have a student object.there are columns like name and marks.there are 10 records with different marks.

now i want to build a custom VF Page which outputs like below

Grade column     count



A' Grade               5

B' Grade               3



i hope i'm clearly conveyed my requirement.can some body guide me how to achieve this..





Hi All,


Public pageReference redirectaction(){ 


update ssss; //Database operation before redirection


String url = 'www.google.com';

PageReference pr = new PageReference(url);


return pr;




This is throwing the following error:  Formula Expression is required on the action attributes.


I want this to be done using commandbutton action.. Becoz before redirection I have to perform some database operation.


Could you please help me in getting this resolved?


Thanks in Advance.



  • December 04, 2013
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