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Dear All.
I'm trying to set up a SSO from our portal to SFDC.
I also read a deveoper guide written by SFDC. but unfortunally I can't understand how can i do.
Any who can help me or send to me a sample code by java Language.
Fist question : How can i make username token ?
Second question : How to send an information and which information will be send.
I'm look forward to your help.
hi, everybody

I added a formula field to an object with this content:

HYPERLINK("https://na3-api.salesforce.com/secur/frontdoor.jsp?sid=" & GETSESSIONID() & "&retURL=/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=01r500000009WP3⁣=1&param=a_parameter", "open")

This place a link that open a web-tab in my apeexchange app with a s-control.
My cuestion is:
how can I get the value of the parameter "param" (a_parameter) in the s-control placed in the web-tab?

thanks in advance
  • February 06, 2007
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