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I'm new to Sites and website development, but doing okay. I have a client facing public portal up and running. The issue is that when i change data in the record in SFDC that the page is built from, the data takes a while to make it through a user's cache. So, it's not truly a dynamic page like we need it to be (the page needs up to the moment data).


Is there a way i can disable the caching of the page in my viewer's browsers? it's also a major issue with testing!





I have a custom object called "Deployment Project" that contains a few dozen project milestone dates and times. When entered into SFDC, these dates and times appear in the SFDC user's current timezone.


The deployment project record is visible to our users as a Visualforce page published through Sites. When clients are viewing the page, the date/time fields all show in GMT.This is not very customer friendly and causes problems with the scheduling of events.


The code we're using for the fields to show date/time is as follows:


 <apex:outputText styleClass="milestoneCol3" value="{0,date,MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm}">

  <apex:param value="{!Deployment_Project__c.New_Client_Tutorial__c}" />

This produces an output of:


12/05/2009 12:23



We need to convert the date/time output to a specific timezone, specifically Pacific Standard Time. 


Can this be done in the VisualForce page code, or do we need to do this in the APEX class?



I am working with my team of developers and designers to get a VF page created and polished before rolling it out to our Account Managers. The page allows the user to see a list of their Accounts (per Account Owner field). Upon clicking on an Account in the interface, the Account ID is loaded into a few buttons that enable features, including showing all of the Contacts at that Account that fit our specific criteria.


We have made the selection process possible. They can click on either the Account or the Contact and use the enabled functions just fine. However, when clicking on the Account or Contact, it does not currently highlight with a background color, icon, altered font, etc.


We are looking for guidance on how to do this. We hope it's possible. We'd prefer the background color on the selection to change.







I am trying to add the Notes and Attachments Section on my Visualforce Page and I keep getting the error as below:

'NotesAndAttachments' is not a valid child relationship name for entity Test Object


I used   <apex:relatedList subject="{!Test_Object__c}" list="NotesAndAttachments"/>


Can someone please suggest or point out my mistake.