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Hello. I am faced with a problem. I have created some custom objects:

An Order has Order Items

An Order is related 1:1 with an Opportunity

and obviously an Opportunity is linked to an Account

I have another object which is related to Order Items. The trouble is that when a user goes to lookup an Order Item, they find it easiest when the Account Name is in a column. I have yet to find a way to do this without

1) Writing S Controls
2) Adding redundant fields (like Account), and doing a lot of checks with S-Controls (to make sure someone doesn't change the Account etc.

Any thoughts? Which road should I go down?


Hello Folks. I am new to JavaScript, and have hit a wall. I am attempting to get a basic relationship query to work:

   "Select Id, Account.Name, Amount From Opportunity limit 30",

When I take a look at the Array:

//get the records array
var records = queryResult.getArray('records');
recordstring = records.join(";")

I get something like this in the output window:

{type:'Opportunity', Id:'00660000008GofYAAS', Account:{type:'Account', Id:null, Name:'Gift Collector.com', }, Amount:'25350.0', };
{type:'Opportunity', Id:'00660000008GqscAAC', Account:{type:'Account', Id:null, Name:'Federal Signal', }, Amount:null, }

This looks workable, but I can't figure out how to extract the Account information. The Opportunity data works great ([array].Id, [array].Amount), but I'm at a loss with the Account info. I tried something like array[i][3][1], but that didn't seem to work.

Even the tiniest hint would be greatly appreciated.


When I create a Mail Merge document with a single field for each column in the table, my quotes merge correctly. However, if I have two or more fields in a single column, I get strange results. For example, I attempt to use the following merge codes in a single column

[Description] ( [MinTraffic] - [MaxTraffic] [UniMeasure] / [CommittPeriod])

I'll get results something like this:

THis is a text description [Description] ( 0 [MinTraffc] ...

It seems like the merge field labels are actually getting merged.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Hi ,
I have done the Join of Account and Contact and retrived data from them.
But i want to put that data in into Array.
Like for one Account there are many contacts. So i have tried to take the fields as follows, but able to get only account fields and for contacts fields it is giving me error.




But in the QueryResult i am having all the data of contact. Its juct i m not getting way to use get method.

So please anyone having idea about how to overcome this then reply to this post.

Thanks in Advance

In custom formula  field  i want to do some calculation. This calculation depends on fields from another custom object. But these fields and there custom objects are not accessible to me. So, How to access these fields . Is there any solution is available for this.