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I'm trying to add a new domain help.7digital.com to our org. I want to use this for our community at 7digitalhelp.force.com/customers. I have emailed support about this, but they haven't provided me with adequate assistance so far.


We've changed the CNAME record of the new domain to point at our primary domain, 7digital.force.com (as instructed by support) and we're getting an error.

Error: Salesforce.com can't validate the domain. The CNAME record may still be processing (which can take up to 24 hours), or the domain may not belong to you. Make sure the domain name help.7digital.com uses help.7digital.com.00db0000000hhjcea4.live.siteforce.com as its CNAME target and try again later. It presently uses 7digital.force.com as the CNAME target, which does not equal the expected value.

Why are we seeing this error? As you can see, it recognises that the CNAME record is pointing at our primary domain. We don't want to use Site.com, so I'm not sure why we're being asked to enter "siteforce" in our domain.


Could someone please clarify how I can get my domain to work with Communities.



Hi all!


I am having an issue with My Domain setup.


The redirect policy is set to:

Redirect PolicyPage requests that don't use the new domain name, such as old bookmarks using the instance name, are: 
Redirected with a warning to the same page within the domain


On my computer is not working. If I click on an old link I get the login.salesforce.com page. It does that with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

For a co-worker (same org but different location/computer)  it does work for Chrome and Firefox but not for IE.


I have checked my browsers' settings and everything seems to be ok. What am I missing? I am clueless!


Thanks, Jocsan

I got a question from a guy from a customer  today about My Domain, SP-Initiated SAML and the Admin login

- When setting up 'My Domain' and Federated, you can set up SP-initiated AND set it so that all logins must be from the My Domain page (no going to login.salesforce.com)
- Now consider this scenario, they set up SP-initiated and also check the flag to lock logins to be only from the My Domains page.  Their IDP goes down.  The Admin tries to login.  It seems he is stuck.  He goes to the My Domain page, which forwards him to the IdP which is down.  He can't go to login.salesforce.com because of the lock setting.
Question: What do they do?
I believe the only answer is that they cannot lock people to using the My Domains page without risking locking the Admin out in the case of an IDP-down situatino. They have to leave open the possibility of going to login.salesforce.com to allow the Sys Admin to login in an emergency situation.



I am learning and testing on SSO Implementation with Salesforce as IdP.


One of the steps is to create a force.com Domain. While I create it and registration is in pending status I am still awaiting mail for confirmation since last 1 hour. Is it that it takes some time to have mail confirmation received? Or is it that something is going wrong my side?


I tried on 2 separate developer accounts with different email ids just to be sure that none of these emails are blocked. But to no avail, I did not receive any registration mail confirmation.


And because the status is still "pending" I am not able to go ahead with creating Salesforce as IdP.


Please assist/advise.






I've been working with network solutions on how to point a custom domain to a force.com site.  From what I understand, a cname record will only point the www version of the domain to the force.com site.  The non www version will go nowhere.  According to Network Solutions.


Does anyone out there have experience with this and know a way around it?  Is that true?  Certainly there are companies whose domains are registered with Network Solutions and are effectively using sites.  I really appreciate any guidance.  Thanks! 

I'm trying to change my domain name mydomain.force.com to mydomain.com 


I've read http://www.adnsandbox.com/df08/sites_using_custom_domain.pdf but the issue I'm having is creating those CNAME records on Go Daddy.


On Godaddy I have the option to change the A (Host) record from @ to an IP address which from reading articles on their site is what I would need to do but instead of an IP address I think I need to have it say mydomain.force.com but it'll only let me put an IP address in.


If anyone has experience with this or might be able to offer suggestions I'd highly appreciate it. Currently I'm forwarding mydomain.com to mydomain.force.com and this in turn I believe has resulted in my site not being searchable on Google anymore because I do not have the custom domain configured (my site has been running for about 3 months now).



  • December 04, 2010
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We've created a custom app for one of our customers to track donations.  They have about 2000 users who will need to submit their collections on a weekly basis via Sites.  This is working well with the Guest user, however, in order to protect the database from "casually" submitted data by just anyone, we want to create a generic login, so only those 2000 users who have been provided with the username and password, can actually submit data.


We don't to keep this as simple as possible, and therefore not implement Partner Portal.  All we need the users to be able to do is submit a new record. They do not need to view anything, except be able to pick their identifying record from the lookup.


Is there an easy way to create a single logon, which can be used by multiple users at the same time to submit records?


We hope that there is a way to provide this functionality without the need for additional licensing, since what we are trying to accomplish does not require any more than the Guest user currently provides.


Any pointers/help is greatly appreciated.