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I have registered domain for production org. And i have configured the Header Logo for that also. But that logo is not going to display on the login page. At the same time if i do any changes in background color, that background colour gets upodated but header logo is not getting updated? Any idea?  
How many __Share records can be created for one parent record?
Not able to reRender apex:inputTextArea with empty value in IE11. They are showing some HTML code inside the text area and all the component after that text area are not going to disappear. This is working properly in Chrome and FireFox.
Hi all,

I have a requirement for adding a Captcha mechanism to a form. 
I don't want to use the Google reCaptcha. So I did some searching and found the below link.


I was able to add the captcha as given in the above link and make it functional. 

Now the problem starts when I try to add the logic for refreshing the captcha (for loading a different captcha pattern). 
I tried adding a commandlink. It is refreshing the entire page along with the captcha. I wanted to have an AJAX like functionality which refreshes the particular captcha section alone.

The APEX code which generates the captcha resides in my controller class file which is responsible for controlling the entire form.

How can I make the refresh without affecting the rest of the form functionality? I have to invoke the specific method which generates the captcha, get the updated captcha value and render it in the captcha section.

Please help me out with your suggestions and solutions.

Thanks in advance.