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Is this possible? Similar to 

but to get a description for the field. I checked documentation (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_variables_global_objecttype_schema_fields_reference.htm" target="_blank) and it looks like it's not accessible...

I have read in a few forums that there is a way to dispaly Tableau charts on a Visualforce page.  However, there is not much documentation supporting this.  

Any help out there is super appreciated.

Hello I'm using JS to create error messages when a field is blank ...

This works for InputText:

if(document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.nomJobIP}").value == "" ||
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.mailIP}").value == "" ||
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.nomJobIP}").value == "")

To CHECK BOX and SELECT OPTION does not work.
if(document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckLun}").checked == false &&
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckMar}").checked == false &&
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckMer}").checked == false &&
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckJeu}").checked == false &&
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckVen}").checked == false &&
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckSam}").checked == false &&
document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.ckDim}").checked== false

var aa = document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.selMoisFreqSem}").value;
var bb = document.getElementById("{!$Component.theform.block01.selMoisFreq}").value;

if(aa == '' && bb == '' || aa == null && bb == null)
    alert("select NULL");

Thank you!!!!



Please provide me Visualforce equivalent (with pageblocktable) of the below html code.



<table border="1">
<td rowspan="2">Name</td>
<td rowspan="2">SSID</td>
<td colspan="3" align="center">Bank</td>
<td>Bank Name</td>
<td>Bank Code</td>
<td>Account No.</td>


I'm having troubles creating a second row.


Thanks in advance,

Rohit R

  • February 19, 2013
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I am trying to write a batch apex job that will cycle through a list of records..


For each record, I need to get the VF Document related to it as a PDF and email it as an attachment.


The PDF always comes across as blank. I know I must bemissing something small because the exact same code works in a static apex class......


Can someone please help me resolve this?


Note: the code attached just attaches the file to the object for testing purposes...


this is the execute method. Everything else works except the actual PDF is empty



Map<ID,MYOBJECT__c> mFSA = New Map<ID,MYOBJECT__c>((MYOBJECT__c[])(database.query(query)));
    PageReference pr;
    blob pdf;
    For(FSA__c f : mFSA.values()){
        pr = New PageReference('/apex/ReportPDF?id=' + f.id ); 

        pdf = pr.getContentAsPDF();
        Attachment a = New Attachment();
        a.body = pdf;
        a.parentID = f.id;
        a.Name = 'FSA.pdf';
        insert a;


I have an IF statement that needs to read


"New monthly rate going forward is $1,000.00"


My formula is


IF(ISBLANK( Custom_Description__c ),
"" ,
"New monthly rate going forward is" &""& Opportunity__r.Current_Monthly_Revenue__c)


but the Opportunity__r field is a currency field and the formula Error says "Incorrect parameter for function &(). Expected Text, received Number


Thank you in advance

  • July 12, 2010
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