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I created a managed package which uploaded sucessfully and installed without errors on a test environment.  I then created a trigger and added it to the package and it uploaded without errors.  However, when I went to install the package it failed.  I removed the trigger from my package, uploaded the package and tried to install again but I'm still getting install failures.  Error:  If this error persists, contact salesforce.com Support through your normal channels and reference number: 170191886-15783 (1983587186)

If I know the exact item(trigger) that is causing the failure, how is it that removing it is still causing failures?  Does anyone know how to fix this?  Thanks.


Hello Board,


I want to use two datepicker on visualforce page to specify range and based on their input values execute the query and display the result.


Is there any Datepicker available which will look like standard datepicker available in SF?