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We have a report  requirement  in which the survey responses of any individual has to be compared with the highest scorer of his/her  teams  for survey responses. This report is viewable by the sub-ordinate (Representative).

User-added image
 Since this reporting requirement was unable to be built, we had to split these reports into 2. First one , showing the survey responses for “My Records” as the dropdown & in another report ,data displayed with “My Team’s Records” & displaying these two dashboards side by side.

Our OWD Setting for this object is private & since the report has to be viewed by the lowest subordinate we are unable to capture the highest survey satisfaction average count by other team member. Since the grouping is done as per X-axis(Picklist 1..2…3 and so on ) this is a summary report .Only on the tabular report row limit filter clause can be applied.
The Satisfaction score is having 5 dropdowns namely :
• Very Satisfied
• Satisfied
• Neutral
• Dissatisfied
• Very Dissatisfied
The percentage count of only 1st two dropdowns(Very Satisfied & Satisfied) are considered for plotting the Y axis. Since these dropdowns are string values aggregate function like max, sum, avg & min are not possible to be applied.

Please suggest us a solution using standard report (OOB) rather than a VF page based report. If it’s a standard report can it have the bar graphs on a single dashboard?