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I had a trigger flow that used the field Owner:User.Email as a variable.  When trying to set up the parallel in Process Builder, I found that I couldn't access any owner fields other than OwnerID for a flow variable.  When I tried using update records instead of flows, I couldn't access any owner fields.  

What this meant for me is that I was unable to replicate in Process Builder what I had set up as a flow trigger originally because of reduced functionality.  This is one example that I caught, but I'm sure there are others.

In workflows, it is quite easy to reference field from the record owner.  

Is this intentional?  If not, when can we anticipate a fix?  Thanks!

Workflow owner fields:
Owner fields in workflow

Process Builder owner fields:
Process Builder cannot reference owner fields.
When setting up criteria for a Process Builder Action Group, there are are several functions that are missing entirely (ie ISNEW()) and others that are missing from formulas but exist in filter conditions.  Namely, ISCHANGED() and PRIORVALUE() (PRIORVALUE is called "Was set" in Process Builder).

Proces Builder filter operators:
Process Builder filter options are limited but include ISCHANGED()

Formula functions:
 ISCHANGED works with Process Builder formula

Workflow options:
Workflow has more functionality

My question is: is this intentional?  If so, why?  If not, will it be changed and when?


I'm quite new to VF and Apex and am looking for some help!

I would like to add a lookup field to a VF page to find a contact.  I also want a "report" button that will pass the id of this contact as a parameter in a report.

I'm not really sure where to start with this!  Any help would be awesome (in beginners terms, preferably!).  Ideally, I would like to be able to add several lookups in the same VF page that are all for different objects, including contacts and one custom object.  But, that's stage two.

I found this thread that I think might be my answer, but I'm too much of a newbie to understand what to do with it!

Thanks, all!!  
Is there anyway to create a line break using a text formula that references variables in a visual flow.  I can't get BR() to work.  All it does is display BR_ENCODED.  

When I tried to schedule a report today in our production instance, User/Public group dropdown is getting displayed  on the schedule report page.

find button is also not working. I do not get any results. 


Schedule Report  

    Running User
            Email Report
To me   To me and/or others...
Search Public Groups for:  
Select From
Send Email To
    Schedule Report
Frequency Daily
Every weekday
Every day 
10/2/2013 ]
10/2/2013 ]
Preferred Start Time

Exact start time will depend on job queue activity.
    Save Changes Save report modifications with this schedule

Discard report modifications


Anybody experienced same issue before.