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Hi all,
I am unable to complete the following challenge the error message says -"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Phone Numbers' section was not found, or it was empty. If you believe that you have set this up properly and are still having problems, ensure that you are NOT using Record types for the Contact object. This challenge will not work with Record types so you will need to sign up for a new DE org and use that instead for this module".User-added image
As you can see i have already included Phone Numbers sections.
Please can anyone help me out 

Can you help me out by answering these questions.

1)A company has a custom object named Warehouse.Each warehouse record has a distinct record owner,and is related to parent Account in salesforce.


2)To which primitive data type in Apex is a currency field automatically assigned?


I am able to cover only 39%. Not able cover code coverage for bold lines.Can you please guide me.   
My class:
global class autoCompleteForAccount
    global static SObject[] findSObjects(string qry, string accId)
        String loginUserProfile = UserInfo.getProfileId();
        System.debug('Community Plus' + System.Label.Customer_Community_Plus_Profile);
        String filter = ' like \'%' + String.escapeSingleQuotes(qry) + '%\'';
        String soql = '';
        String userId = UserInfo.getUserId();
        List<User> conId = Database.query('SELECT ContactId from User where Id=\'' + userId + '\'');
        if(loginUserProfile == System.Label.Customer_Community_Plus_Profile)
            String commaSepratedList = '';
            List<Shared_Contact__c> sharedCon = [SELECT Account__c FROM Shared_Contact__c where contact__c =:conId[0].ContactId];
                for(Shared_Contact__c sc: sharedCon)
                        if(sc.Account__c != NULL) 
                            commaSepratedList += '\''+ sc.Account__c  + '\',' ;
                commaSepratedList = commaSepratedList.subString(0,commaSepratedList.length()-1);
            String commaSepratedList1 = '';
            List<Shared_Contact_Del__c> sharedCon1 = [SELECT Account__c FROM Shared_Contact_Del__c where contact__c =:conId[0].ContactId];
                for(Shared_Contact_Del__c sc: sharedCon1)
                        if(sc.Account__c != NULL) 
                            commaSepratedList1 += '\''+ sc.Account__c  + '\',' ;
                commaSepratedList1 = commaSepratedList1.subString(0,commaSepratedList1.length()-1);
                commaSepratedList = commaSepratedList+','+commaSepratedList1;
            soql = ' SELECT Name FROM Account WHERE Name ' + filter + ' and Id IN (' + commaSepratedList + ') ';

            soql = ' SELECT Name FROM Account WHERE Name ' + filter;

        soql += ' ORDER BY Name LIMIT 10';

        system.debug('$$$Qry: ' + soql);

        List<sObject> L = new List<sObject>();
            L = Database.query(soql);
        catch (QueryException e)
            system.debug('Query Exception:'+e.getMessage());
            return null;
        return L;

My test class:
global class Test_autoCompleteForAccount
    global static testMethod void testClass()
        account acc = new account(name='TestAccount',Company_Name__c='TestAccount');
        insert acc;
        sObject[] s1 = autoCompleteForAccount.findSObjects( 'Test', '');
  • February 11, 2016
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I found given below error when I check Challenge. Even I do all write things.
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
All the expected custom fields for the Campsite_Reservation__c object could not be found.
Is this happening to you? You're 100% sure you've done a Trailhead challenge right, but it just won't validate?

So here's the deal. We're doing a real-time API call to check your work, and sometimes, there might be existing configuration or code in your Developer Edition that interferes with our check, causing it to fail.

The best thing to do if you're 100% sure you're right is create a new Developer Edition and do the challenge again.

But wait, what about my badges?

No worries! Logging into Trailhead is a two-step process. Check out this image.

The login button is in the upper right, and the second login is on the unit page right before you do the challenge

In step (1), you tell Trailhead who you are. This is where your badges are stored. You can use your production username or any Developer Edition username for this step.

In step (2), you tell Trailhead where you're doing the challenge. This must be a Developer Edition.

Okay, I got the new DE. Now what?

So, just stay logged in at (1), and make a new Developer Edition to log in at (2). Do the challenge in the new Developer Edition and check it.

If it passes, it was probably something funky in your old DE. If it fails, time to revisit your challenge! Read the instructions again and make sure you didn't miss any steps.

But why would this happen?

It could be your DE is older, or it could be you've done some additional config or customization that is interfering with our check. 

Good luck!