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I am relatively new to Apex, and I need help with an Apex Trigger that updates all records on a custom object on a daily basis.  The only criteria to not update the record is if "Status" picklist = "Contract Received".  I assume you can use a simple for loop to set the criteria, and any help or assistance on the topic is greatly appreciated.
I am prepopulating certain values in a standard page and i have created a lookup / formula field on user object where the present user id or account owner id should prepopulated. Not sure for some reason when i am creating a lookup or formula field on user its not getting a hyperlink its giving values but not hyperlinks like owner id when u click your redirected to the user record. I need this as i need to pull reports based on it.

Created formula field (Text) also tried with look up and with User.Id and, user name. Below line shows values but not as hyperlinks to the User Record.

={$User.FirstName + " "+ " " +$User.LastName}


Any help would be higly appreciated.