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I would like to take backup of all my salesforce data including Profiles, Roles, Users, Sharing rules, templates, record types, objects, fields, validation rules, workflows, apex classes, visualforce pages. in short EVERY Thing as we are going to stop using salesforce temporarly, such that i can use this backup in future on a vanilla (NEW) salesforce instance. 

What should be the procedure.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello there,


I have created a new Profile in my portal. I have created its users. I have a forgot password functionality implemented on my project. That functionality works for old profiles, however not working now for newly created profile.


Please, help with this issue.


The page display default erro message : " Your username was not found. ", when I enter username and press "Submit" button.


Thank you in advance.

  • April 19, 2013
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I have enable customer portal and am using Force.com sites with customer portal authorisation.

In the sandbox when a user is provided access they receive a temp password in their email and when the first try to login into the sites they are redirected to the change password page so that they can change the temp password.

I deployed the same code into production. Here the first time users are getting redirected to the home page directly without going to the Change password page where they can change the temp password.


Why is this happening? Am i missing any settings.




  • August 25, 2011
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