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Hello all,


I'm using Eclipse Kepler (4.3) and have successfully installed the Force.com plugin. I could even create a project and see all the components. However, everytime I try to access a piece of code or the schema browser, I get an error saying my password is wrong.


I check on my org, and my login lists multiple failed logins for 'Invalid Password'. In my project properties on Eclipse, the password and sec token fields are empty - no matter how many times I enter it, it forgets.


If it can't remember, I expect it to atleast prompt me each time. Can something be done?




  • July 24, 2013
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i have a custom field on an account called "custtype" which is a picklist with values: gold, silver, regular.
for contacts, i would like to get notified if anyone changed the picklist value (say, from gold to platinum) by going to setup / customize / account / fields / edit the "custtype" field, can i use the "ischanged" function this way?
i.e. can i have a simple workflow rule that says:
to get notified when this happens?
can anyone please help? thanks...