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I cant seem to find CRM Content in Salesforce1 App. Is there a setting to enable this or its just not possible to view content in Salesforce1.


I create a datetime fields and I want to write it the date of CreatedDate with custom hours and minutes. If it will exist a function datetime like date(year,month,day) I solve my problem!!


The problem is that I want to send an email to lead at X hours Y minutes with workflow.

If the lead was created in the night, I don't want send email to lead immediately and so I will send the email in the office time (9am to 8 pm) and not in the night

Maybe I have to do a case condition, because if the lead is created at 9 pm, the datetime field will have the next day at 9 am


I think to write some code like this



date( year(datevalue(createddate)), month(datevalue(createddate)),day(datevalue(createddate)) ) & 09:00:00.000Z




Anyone can help me?