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I open a VF page in a right sidebar custom console component. If the contents fill the vertical space available, the page opens scrolled to the bottom. How do I ensure that it will instead scroll to the top?

I would like to include the parameter


&bcc=[user's Email to Salesforce address]


in a custom URL button (or Javascript for that matter).  I find no documentation for a user field representing the user's Email to Salesforce address, leading me to suspect it is not accessible via the API or for use as a merge field like this.


Has anyone succeeded in incorporating the Email to Salesforce address into a custom button or a Visualforce page?

I want to disable all Chatter emails for my users when they are created (we load our users via daily feed).


I can't seem to identify the correct field in the user object which holds the setting.  I see the one which auto-subscribes users to records/feeds, but I can't find the one which disables Chatter emails completely.


Anyone know?

  • November 16, 2011
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I'm surprised I can't find this anywhere: I'm trying to make a custom mailto: link in SFDC that automatically bcc's the user's Email to Salesforce address:






How can I refer to this?

Is it possible to replace the ui/opportunity/SelectSearch with a visualforce page ?
any idea ?
  • July 23, 2008
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