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When creating a dynamic choice, Is there a way to access the fields of a related object for the Choice Name?

Here is an example:
An account record is the master of a master-detail relationship with a custom object called "Hh Enrollment"
"Hh Enrollment" has a lookup field to another custom object called "LOC"

The dynamic choice filters the "Hh Enrollment" object as required and lists the choices according to the field chosen in Choice Label assignment, which, in this case, is the field that is the lookup to "LOC".  Since that field is a lookup field, the choices end up being the ID's of the LOC records, which are not very meaningful to a user.

Is there a way to show another field of the related object?

In flow design pilot I need to concatenate a Custom City, Custom State Custom Zip and Custom County into a custom field.  It would be formula like:
City__c & ", " & State__c & " " &  Zip_Code__c & " " &   County__c