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I am working on Service console. When we try to close a service console tab by click of x button near tab name, I want to display a warning message (maybe using JavaScript?). But I can't figure out a way t do that as the onbeforeunload event of JavaScript works on closing browser tab not  on service console tabs.


Any help will be appreciated.




I am able Open A new Window On click On the Button .but i want close the existing window  when i click on that button .but am not able to close an existing window.

I have tried window.close() but not working can u please help me

<script type="text/javascript">
function myFunction()

 window.open ("https://www.google.com/","mywindow","menubar=1,resizable=1,width=8000,height=9000");
 window.parent.close();    // not working


I have created a new tab to execute the Page . i want close my existing window

thanks in advances

  • November 09, 2012
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Hey all,


I have the following chunk of code in a complex VF page:

<apex:dataTable value="{!oi1PricePlans}" width="100%" var="oi1pp" id="oi1pp" rendered="{!renderOi1}">
	<apex:column width="25" styleClass="optionHeight">
		<apex:inputCheckbox id="selectPP1" onclick="deselectOtherOi1(this);calculatePhoneCostOi1({!oi1pp.price}, '{!myOrderItem1.Hardware_Product__r.Name}', '{!oi1pp.smeProductPrice.Price_Plan__r.Name}');calculateMonthlyCostOi1(this,'',{!oi1pp.monthlyCharge},'P');" value="{!oi1pp.selected}">
			<apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!setExtrasAddOnsByPPOI1}" rerender="add_ons_1,extras_1,insurance_1"/>
	<apex:column styleClass="btext_2">
			<apex:commandLink action="{!setPricePlanDetailsTable}" value="(?)" id="theCommandLink" rel="tooltip" rerender="details" oncomplete="showDetailsDialogPP();" styleClass="see_m_link2" style="font-weight:700;">
				<apex:param assignTo="{!pricePlanId}" value="{!oi1pp.smeProductPrice.Price_Plan__r.id}" name="price_plan_id" />
	<apex:column width="76" styleClass="b_normal"><strong>€{!oi1pp.monthlyCharge}</strong></apex:column>

 The object for the data table is a wrapper class, basically consisting of a checkbox, name, price.


The desired functionality (which correctly works in IE9 and FF10) is that on selecting one of the checkboxes, the javascript functions should be called using the onclick and then the onchange in the actionsupport rerenders outputpanels that follow the datatable.


What happens in IE 8 is that the javascript functions are called on the onclick, but the onchange in the actionsupport doesn't fire until the user has clicked somewhere else on the screen (say a blank area).


How can we fix this so it works in IE8? I've tried changing the onchange to onclick and onblur but that doesn't work (the javascript functions failto run properly).


Any ideas?

I am trying to implement the service console and am stuck on a button issue.


Currently  I have a custom "New Case" button that displays within a contact.  It uses javascript to auto-pop some fields based on user settings


window.parent.location.href ="%2F500%2Fe?00N800000034wTE={!$User.Language_Support__c}&cas3_lkid={!Contact.Id}&00N80000003MDbe={!$User.Default_Country_cases__c}&retURL=%2F500%2Fo";


In testing within the console, this will load the case creation form outside the console.  To get around this, I am using the following code (some hard coding in place right now to eliminate variables):


if (typeof(srcUp) == 'function') 
} else {    
     window.parent.location.href ="%2F500%2Fe?00N800000034wTE={!$User.Language_Support__c}&cas3_lkid={!Contact.Id}&00N80000003MDbe={!$User.Default_Country_cases__c}&retURL=%2F500%2Fo";
Now the behavior is working in console (as well as if not in console), however I believe that because the button originates from a "Contact" page, that somehow the controller class is not changing to a case controller.  Even though the main page is laid out correctly, I am not getting the Knowledge or other side bars that should be there (getting contact one still).
Any suggestions on how to fix this, or a more elegant way of doing this would be appreciated.  The built in "New Case" works fine, but I need to pass some $user parameters into case fields during submission, all while remaining within console.




How to redirect to the previous page from current page(the page which has got by clicking a button/link in the previous page) through javascript.


I tried by using window.location(-1) and history.goback(-1). These are not working..


I don't want to specify the path of previous page in the action back button/link. Because the same page is used by two different roles and thier previous pages are different.


please help me.........

I am using Email to case to register new cases. Once the case is registered it moves from one department to another before it is closed. This is done by changing the Lookup field Department__c (Lookup to custom object Department__c ) on Case. Each time dept is changed, a record is inserted in the Dept_move__c custome object Which is detail with Case as master. For this record insert part I have written a Trigger it is working good. I have 2 more things here that I need to implement but don't know how to implement them and will appreciate if some one can help.


1.  Sometimes a department person needs some more information from the customer and they send the e mail to the customer and change the case Status Field (picklist)  to - 'Waiting On Customer'. Now when the customer replied to the email, I need that Case Status should automatically changed to 'Open'. I know this can be implemented through Workflow but can't figure out the criteria Or rule for this as customer can send email for registering the new case,and can reply to a Closed Case Email for reopening an old Closed case if he thinks that issue is still there While the recently opened case is in 'Waiting on Customer' Status.


So the issue is -- When the customer send the Email, It can be for:


1.  Open a New case -- This I have implemented with Email to case functionality and working Good.


2.  Re Open a Closed Case Change Status field to -- 'Reopened'


3.  Chnage the Case Status from 'Waiting on Customer' to 'Open'  -- When the customer replied to the mail providing the information whatever needed by the customer care.


My 1st main problem is how to distinguish Weather the mail is for changing the status or re opening an old case. and 2nd problem is how to implement this functionality.


Will appreciate if someone help...!!!

  • February 21, 2010
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Is there any way to have a Case be re-opened when a customer responds to an email reply? I saw some suggestions that this could be accomplished with Workflow but we are on Professional and would not want to upgrade for something as basic as this. Please help!
Is there a way to configure E2C to reopen closed cases when case email hits the case after its close?
Our business problem is as follows:
Sometimes team members are absent [sick, travel, etc]. During such absence, we have a need to know of email activity tied to that person's cases. This is not a problem for open cases since they are easily identified and transferred (ownership). My thought is if we could set a global rule where all case email triggers reopening a case if that case is closed, it would solve this problem.
  • January 29, 2008
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