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I am running into trouble restricting lead conversion based on if certain fields are null.

I have the Industry field and a custom field Revenue Types on the lead object.  Both of these are required fields.  We also have leads coming in from the website, that are allowing leads to bypass this required field on the lead object in Salesforce.com.

Setting custom fields on the lead object that map to custom fields on the Account, Opportunities, and Contact objects, making them required, and mapping them via the User Interface seems like an overly complicated workaround for this.

I am wondering if there is a way via a trigger, or by other means, to make it so if users press "Convert" on the lead conversion process, it will give them an error if Industry and Revenue Types are null.

Setting validation rules on the Opportunity object itself doesn't seem to work for me in this, because this gets in the way of other processes that have previously been programmed.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks for any information!