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HI All,

We are currently trying to populate a field on the opportunity based the opportunity having multiple tasks within which certain criteria are fulfilled.

The idea is: if more than one task has a certain field filled, we need a field on the opp to take that value.

The problem is: the field on each task, from which we need to take the value, could have a few different values across the tasks, and there will be more than one task on each opportunity. The field on each task will be a lookup.

We only want the opportunity field to be populated when two or more tasks have the same values in the field.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how this could be done? Thanks in advance for any help.
I wanted to reach out and see if the following two projects we'd like help with are feasible and if so, what it might cost us.

First-we would love a custom clone button that clones the existing record along with the related records on the record's related list. The record is basically kind of a middle child in the hierarchy-it has a parent but it also has child records associated with it. When we clone it, we'd like to clone the record and its child records. 

Second-we'd love to automate some record creation based on when a new Contact record is created. What records would be created would be dependent on contact record type. Whenever we have certain contacts created, we will always need certain child records. Right now I am manually creating them (they're just basic records that house other related child records like "Medical Information" which has related lists for Medications, Appointments, etc.), but I'd like to not have to remember to do this for every new contact created. 

I am happy to give more detail about what we're specifically looking for, but wanted to first throw this out there and see if anyone was interested in helping out. We are a non-profit agency so our budget is small. We may not be able to make it work financially but wanted to see what it may cost. We do not have a developer on staff-I have learned a lot and am pretty handy with Salesforce but don't know Apex, etc. So you'd be working with someone who has strong administrative knowledge, just no coding experience.