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We have mapped DNS as per the documentation and when we tried to create a new domain it is not allowing and throwing error that DNS is not matched and validated (screenshot attached for reference).

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I would like to create a round assignment on the opportunity object. So when an opportunity is created, an account name will be added to the opportunity (based off of a picklist of three account names). I see that there isn't an assignment rule option on the opportunity object, so I created an assignment rule on the case object for the account names. Right now I'm stuck on the soql statement [Select ID From Account Where Name in: oppList.id]. I receive a debug statement of Variable does not exist: id.  Is there a way for me to reference the assignment rule id so that it loops through the three account names?

trigger NewAcc on Opportunity (after insert) {
    List<Opportunity> oppList = new  List<Opportunity>();
    AssignmentRule ar = new AssignmentRule();
    ar = [SELECT ID FROM AssignmentRule where SobjectType = 'Case'and ID = '01Q360000001zcv' and Active = true limit 1];
  Case newCase = new Case(Status = 'new');
  Database.DMLOptions dmlOpts = new Database.DMLOptions();

  Account acct = [SELECT Id From Account Where NAME in: oppList.id  ]

    for(Opportunity opp: Trigger.new){
        opp.AccountId = acct.Id;
insert newCase;
insert oppList;
  • July 04, 2017
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hi all,

I urgently need to edit/delete a post made by me on this discussion forum...But its not allowing me to do so and pops up
saying that 'you cant delete this question as others are interested in it'.
There are no likes and no comments on it still i am unable  to delete it
Any help would be highly appreciated

Its very urgent,