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I'm using the new Platform Connect (I also heard it refered to as Lightning Connect at dreamforce) and I have an external sql view that is exposed via a WCF web service to expose it in OData format.  I have a couple tables working, but this one returns a datetime in the Id and I'm getting the error. 

We encountered an unexpected error. Try again later, or contact your administrator, who can verify the external data source settings and server availability. Error received: Illegal datetime format 2014-09-17T09%3A00%3A00

Should Salesforce be able to handle the url having %3A instead of a : in the ID, or is there a way for that to not be encoded in the ID?

Here is an example ID returned by the service

I have tried accessing HTTP call using "Named Credential" option. 
Created named credential
Name/Label : localhost & http://localhost:8080

Below is my REST API call to access the external REST api,
URL : http:// localhost:8080/spring/home/restRecentActivity

In apex java class, provided below URL to perform HTTP request.

I have verified in logs, getting error message as 400 - BAD REQUEST. Please someone help in providing best samples & to pass the right URI.

Please help me to solve this issue.

I want to develop an "Open CTI Adapter", where can I find the documentation(API/Library) for the same?

Is there a way to retrieve the currently logged in salesforce username using openCTI?
I have adapter based on OpenCTI. The problem is, if agent open multiple tabs then single action multiple. 

For example We need to save activity when call ends but when two tabs are opened of salesforce page then two activity will be created.

This must be one of the very common issue everyone would have faced with openCTI? Is there any design pattern/ solution to handle this problem with OpenCTI?

I have a client that is trying to do a Service Cloud/CTI Integration using If By Phone

If By Phone uses a php page as their page in the phone panel and said they can host a VF page via IFrame to display a custom information within the phone panel

We are trying to use the Service Console Integration Toolkit to open an Account or Contact page as Primary Tab in a console from link. The issue that we are running into an issue the service console function is throwing an error which I believe is due to regarding cross-domain interactions.

Is there way to do this or can the Service Console Integration Toolkit be used on directly on If By Phone php page? 
  We have developed .NET Application & included it in Call center CTI Adapter Url . All the things are working well, when the call comes its searches phone field in objects , get the results & open the record in new tab in Service cloud console with the ANI no.  With standard all the things are working as expected.

But the issue we want to open our Custom VF page when the call comes instead of standard one.So created VF page & controller & that page is poping up instead of standard one. Now the main problem is we are not getting ANI no. neither in VF page nor in Controller .
1 ) We tried get ANI no. in Apex controller via url, host url, current url etc...but nothing is working.
2) In Vf page we tried to get via including interaction.js file & using its methods , but those methods are not getting called on page load.

Has anyone face the same issue in using open CTI in salesforce?

 Can anyone please help me to fix this error.