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i have an error message panel that i am showing as a 'sticky' toast message in lightning with $A.get("e.force:showToast") , but once the user submits the form again i want to clear it. Any idea how to clear a toast message in the controller?
I have a connected app in one sandbox with the client id/secret. The same clientid/secret is working when connecting to another sandbox. Are connected apps shared? if that's the case, should i not create them in every sandbox? and why is that. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi there, i need some help here!
my visual force page is part of an application built on angular framework. what happens, is that when i go to my page, and i update a field. my debug log shows that the update is done properly, db is updated properly, etc. but when i click on one of the angular pages, and then come back to my page again, all updates are lost. I checked the debug logs, the constructor is not being called and the state of the page is the same as it was loaded initially.

i also set the cache="false" at the begining of my page, but no luck.

can anyone shed some light on this? 
thanks very much!
I have developed a lightning component that runs on the Salesforce1 and most of the users have iPad. It involves filling out a rather complex form. I would like to disable the pull to refresh functionality. I used the example below from other post, but what it did it stopped all touch actions, like scroll down
...addEventListener("touchmove", function(e){

help please? thanks!
What i have done so far: a lightning component that accesses data (accounts, custom objects) through an apex controller. The component in the end creates a custom object record and makes an insert. The lightning component is accessed as an action button on the account or from a tab in the navigation of the salesforce1 app.

So what i want to accomplish now is the following - be able to do all this when the user who is using the Salesforce1 app when he is OFFLINE. I understand that accounts e.g are when cashed (as recently viewed) available to read and be able to be created and later synced when going online.

I need a clear YES/ NO from you salesforce experts - when working OFFLINE - is the lightning component able to access the apex controller (or an alternative like GWT does) which gets the data from the cached accounts ? If not - are their any workarounds other than using other apps on the market. Thanks.
  • August 15, 2017
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We created Connected App in SANDBOX-1, implented REST , Oauth User Authentication flow by using grant_type = user, valid user credentials of sandbox1. IT WORKS (Know scenario)

Later when we tried to just Modify the user credentials with valid user credentials of SANDBOX-2 also worked and was able to access SANDBOX-2.

Is this the normal Behaviour, or this is documented anywhere for me to relate this scenario.