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This is my class 
 * Apex Controller for looking up an SObject via SOSL
public with sharing class LookupSObjectController 
     * Aura enabled method to search a specified SObject for a specific string
    public static Result[] lookup(String searchString, String sObjectAPIName)
        // Sanitze the input
        String sanitizedSearchString = String.escapeSingleQuotes(searchString);
        String sanitizedSObjectAPIName = String.escapeSingleQuotes(sObjectAPIName);
        List<Result> results = new List<Result>();
        // Build our SOSL query
        String searchQuery = 'FIND \'' + sanitizedSearchString + '*\' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING ' + sanitizedSObjectAPIName + '(id,name) Limit 50'; 
        // Execute the Query
        List<List<SObject>> searchList = search.query(searchQuery);
        // Create a list of matches to return
        for (SObject so : searchList[0])
            results.add(new Result((String)so.get('Name'), so.Id));
        return results;
     * Inner class to wrap up an SObject Label and its Id
    public class Result
        @AuraEnabled public String SObjectLabel {get; set;}
        @AuraEnabled public Id SObjectId {get; set;}
        public Result(String sObjectLabel, Id sObjectId)
            this.SObjectLabel = sObjectLabel;
            this.SObjectId = sObjectId;
Hi All,
I am  having developer Console issue with my Org. when click on developer console. it is not opening. it is showing as below of loading page. please help me on this. User-added image
I have a requirement to display values in dropdown list in tree view format as follows:

Developer--- this is group
  Apex Classes--Parent
       Batch Apex--Child
  Visualforce Pages---Parent

If we click on Developer above values to be displayed in specified format. And also those values should have the link to another page.

Thanks in advance

Ganesh M

I'm using MS Windows 8.1 with Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m
I have a free Salesforce trial version

From the "My Name" menu I chose "Developer Console".
I get a new window Force.com Developer Console with the "Loading workspace ..." progress bar.
The progress bar gets hung at about 50%.

Any advice?

Odeddevelopers console will not load