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So the main question How can I get report results (full list of report rows) via rest api?
Because of limitation in 2000 report rows this: "Salesforce Reports and Dashboards REST API Developer Guide (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.api_analytics.meta/api_analytics/sforce_analytics_rest_api_limits_limitations.htm)" solution not relevant.While searching a solution I've found out the same question and solution for it (https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/24808/is-there-a-way-to-export-a-report-using-analytics-api) but it doesn't work for me only in case if I use sessionId from browser so I suspect this is permission issue and I not very familiar with salesforce settings configuration. Can some one help me to make it work?

I am trying to submit my package to the source scanner but it failed (and now I have to wait 24 hours befre resubmitting) because I did not have Author Apex Permissions for the user. I did the research and learned that I need to set this on the user profile, but I cannot find this setting on my user profile.

Any help greatly appreciated - I need to get this release out soonest


PS: I have submitted several source scans in the past and never hit this problem. Has it changed in the past few months?

Data Uniqueness Violation 

The proposed data changes would violate a uniqueness constraint.


I'm getting above error when i trying to clone the approval process and adding  the steps....

Hi All,

We are considering rolling our web page's registration process into web-to-lead, however I'm curious what happens with web-to-lead during scheduled Salesforce maintenance, or, unscheduled down times?

Are these leads queued to a different server or somehow stored and held until the system is back online or are they just lost?

Any insight as to how this is handled would be appreciated!

Can someone please tell me why my users have the "save as" button on the Reports object and not the "save" button?  I have looked in several different places and can not deteremine why the "save" button is not available to them.
Todd B.