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I'm trying to use the {!User.___} merge fields to build a signature in HTML templates that are triggered by an email alert. However, the User is always me, even though the From address is set to the Default Workflow User. Here are all the settings (where I'm Mary and the desired User is Bob):


Default Workflow User (under Workflow & Approvals Settings): Bob


Workflow Rule:

  • Creator: Mary
  • Modifier: Mary
  • Object: Lead

Email Alert:

  • Creator: Mary
  • Modifier: Mary
  • From Email Address: Default Workflow User's email address

Email Template:

  • Creator: Mary
  • Author: Bob
  • Modified by: Bob
  • {!User.FirstName} becomes Mary
  • From and reply to fields become Bob

How on earth can I get Bob as the designated user?

  • September 06, 2013
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I'm trying to set up an approval process including approval assignment email templates.


In these templates I'd like to address the receiving user, however this doesn't seem to work:



The template:




In the mail I get this:





Anyone has an idea what might be the problem?



Thanks in advance!