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How can i give access to my visualforce page from external site.This page is for crate and manage SFDC cases from other source.Please can any one guide me the best possible way to accomplish this.

How can i retain checkbox in parent, I have picklist in child containing ('a','b','c','d','e'). I created a child with a picklist of 'a' and it should checked on parent and i delete the child, the checkbox 'a' of parent should be uncheked  . the main problem is if i created another child that contains picklist 'a', and i delete the first child which is picklist 'a' the checkbox of parent will retain because there is another child that i created with picklist 'a' . how can i create a trigger for that?

Thanks for help!
Encountering this error when deploying full metadata structure using the Metadata API via Force.com Migration Tool and Ant scripts.
Deployment (with validation only) against the same source sandbox runs without error, but deployment against another sandbox (which is largely but not 100% in sync) is returning errors in this format for several standard objects and most custom objects.

Hi all,


We are facing some deployment issue while moving our code from one sandbox to another sandbox for testing.


Error : ObjectTranslations/Survey_Question_group__c-en_US.objectTranslation(Survey_Question_group__c-en_US)- Insufficient access rights on cross reference id.


We are converting all our code into a Zip file and try to deploy it in sandbox showing the above error in Custom object "Survey_Question_group__c". We can't able to sort it out.


Any help on this issue will be appreciated.Thanks in Advance!




  • November 11, 2013
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