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I would like to know how can I show the related list till grandchild level (or more) on a custom/standard object page. For example how can I show Accounts-> Opprtunity Related list -> Opportunity Line items related lists on a Account Detail page.

scenario: i have two picklist values A and B in a picklist field as a controlling field and check box as a dependent field,
when A is choosen the dependent check box should be true(should be checked automatically),if B is choosen the check box should be false (unchecked). i wonder if it is possible or not ?

Hi Experts,

I have a simple question and I'm not sure why it's not returning correct data..

In my Class, I want to get the Parent Id of the Object. I'll need to traverse from Child, then Parent, and Parent of the Parent. Goes like this.

myObject > myObjectParent >MainParent.

myObject is where my trigger is, I want to be able to get the MainParent's ID and Here's how I do it. (The usual approach when I get Ids)

public class testClass {

    public void myMethod(List<myObject__c> myObjects){
       Set<Id> myObjectID = new Set<Id>();
       for(myObject__c myObject : MyObjects){
Am I doing it wrong for this kind of situation? The code above returns Null so I can't use it in my query..

Can anyone please advise how to get the MainParent's ID?

Thank you!