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 When attempting to deploy an approval process from one org to another, I receive the following error:

Approval step Supervisor_Approval references Supervisor_Approval, which doesn't exist as a queue

However, Supervisor_Approval exists as a queue. I am able to view it in Setup -> Manage Users -> Queues and use it if I create a new approval step in a new approval process.

I get the same error using the MetaData API and Change Sets.  The approval process is the only item included in either the package or the change set.

I have an APEX Trigger that runs when a Task is created/updated, so it can update the related Case. 


Somehow, the trigger is causing the Case Assignment Rules to re-fire, but I don't know what.  Any thoughts?




trigger caseLastActivityDate on Task (after insert, after update) { Map<String, Task> tMap = new Map<String, Task>(); for (Task t : System.Trigger.new) { String whatId = t.WhatId; System.debug('whatId is ' + whatId); if(whatId <> null && whatId.startsWith('500') == true) { Case c = [select Id from Case where Id = :whatId]; if(c.Id <> null) { c.Last_Activity_Date__c = t.LastModifiedDate; update c; } } } }