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When i am posting code "" is not printing. And Some code is removing automatically. 

Any idea . It look like some issue ?
I added a custom status field to the Account object, and I'm wanting to update the value displayed on the page after a button click.  I know I can do a full page refresh after I call save on the object, but that seems like overkill.  Is there an easy way to update a single field value with javascript?  I was thinking of creating a div with an id, but I'm having trouble getting that to work (tried adding the div to a page that extended the standard account controller, but it displayed in an iframe).  Suggestions?
I want to display a table with just vertical lines in-between and not the horizontal lines, I am using Rules=‘cols” in the apex:dataTable but both vertical and horizontal line are displayed.  <apex:dataTable value=“tablelist" var="bl" cellpadding="5" border="2" rules=“cols”>.
I am very new to Salesforce and the first thing I noticed about the platform was its poor performance.

Clearly it's not a Web 2.0 application since full page reloads are the standard navigation mechanism.
Load times of 5s, 10s, or even 15s are common in my company's day-to-day usage of Salesforce.

I've heard excuses saying that it's because our "org" is overloaded with data. So, I decided to create a developer account and see how Salesforce behaves with a brand new empty "org". As a result, I couldn't be more disappointed.

I clicked through the standard tabs like Accounts, Contacts, and Leads, which all take several seconds to load empty.

Then I analyzed some of these pages with Google Chrome's Page Speed tool which found a myriad of performance issues like:
  • Avoid Redirects 
    • (L)Minimize redirects
  • Reduce blocking resources 
    • (M)Inline Small JavaScript, (L)Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Minimize payload 
    • (H)Combine images into CSS sprites, (L)Serve resources from a consistent URL, (L)Minify JavaScript, (L)Minify CSS, (L)Minify HTML, (L)Optimize images
  • Minimize delay in page load 
    • (H)Minimize request size, (L)Avoid bad requests, (L)Specify image dimensions, (L)Put CSS in the document head
  • Other 
    • (H)Defer parsing of JavaScript, (L)Remove query strings from static resources, (L)Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header

As a confirmation, I also ran YSlow, from Yahoo, against them, and got only C as an average grade.

In addition, higher network latency adds to the poor optimization of the web UI and makes the overall user experience even worse, since most of our users are in South America while the nearest Salesforce data centers are in the United States.

Moreover, Salesforce doesn't seem to make use of any global CDN to optimize the load time of static components.

After all, I wonder if other large Salesforce users experience similar difficulties. I find it odd that little is discussed on the web about the performance of Salesforce itself, since I'm not even talking about other applications that one could develop on the Force.com platform.
When i am posting code "" is not printing. And Some code is removing automatically. 

Any idea . It look like some issue ?
When I try to do  the trail for "Create an App Home Lightning Page", While clicking "New" button in the Lightening App Builder, I am getting the error messge as 
 " The page isn't redirecting properly.. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. "
Please help me to find the solution for this.

Hi guys!

I'm trying to create a formula text field that I had on an existing report.  I'd love the text formula field to output Majors Priority if it meets the following criteria:

Filtered By:(1 AND 7) AND 6 AND (2 OR 3 OR (4 AND 5)) 
    1. Campain Member Owner Sub-Sub-Team contains account management,client sales 
    2. Is Cloud's Most Senior Decision Maker? equals True 
    3. Title contains Channel,Partner,Agent,Sales,Vendor,Alliances,Reseller,Enablement,Customer Service,Volunteer Services,Distribution,Marketing,Analytic,Analytics,Data,Machine Learning,Business Intelligence 
    4. Title contains Manager,Director,Dir,VP,SVP,CHRO,CLO,Mgr,Vice President,V.P. 
    5. Account Software/Solutions Purchased does not contain blank 
    6. Campain Member Owner Sub-Sub-Team does not contain smb 
    7. Campain Member Owner Sub-Sub-Team contains majors

Information that you would probably need.  Title is a text field.  Is Cloud's Most Senior Decision Maker is a formula checkbox field.  Account Software/Solution Purchased field and Campain Member Owner Sub-Sub-Team are formula fields that just outputs text. 

Any help to get me started on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

org.xml.sax.SAXException: SimpleDeserializer encountered a child element, which is NOT expected
I am getting the above exception (as in the subject line) for outbound message.
Please see the code block below
We are using Businessconnect WSDL , hosted in salesforce:
 We are calling this notification  service in WCF class library in .NET version 4.5
Here is our .Code
public notificationsResponse notifications (notifications notificationsRequest)

notificationsResponse response = new notificationsResponse();
response.Ack = true;
return response ;
Here is the response , which is returned by Web Method. We don’t want to get  < notificationsResult > tag in response.
        <notificationsResponse xmlns="http://tempuri.org/">
                <Ack xmlns="http://soap.sforce.com/2005/09/outbound">true</Ack>
Appreciate your quick response.