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Hi, Please find trail here - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/projects/customize-a-salesforce-object/standard-custom-fields?trailmix_creator_id=accenturesfbg&trailmix_slug=getting-started-with-salesforce-configuration

If you go to org and follow below steps you will find Next will not allow to go next step for Rating Field

Now change the label of the Rating field to Prospect Rating.
From Setup,
enter Rename Tabs in the Quick Find box and select Rename Tabs and Labels.
In the Action column, click Edit in front of Accounts.
Click Next.
Find Rating in the list of standard fields and change Rating to Prospect Rating in the Singular column.  
Click Save.

PFB Screenshot
User-added image

Has anyone came across similar issue?
I have LWC Components and would like to deploy them from one org to another org using Eclipse. I am selecting Component from Eclipse> project> src> >lwc> Folder name and selecting Deploy to Server then entering target org credentials in Destination Details.
  • How to use Archives in Eclipse?
  • After clicking next on Archives I get Deployment Plan and in deployment plan I see Source or Metadata resource not found in project.
Please help in this scenario.

I need the security token of Sandbox and Production. But there is no option under setup configuration for regenerating it. 

My profile is System Admin but still I am facing this problem.


I also tried to regenerate the token by changing the password. But no mail is sent to the id associated with the user accessing the sandbox.


Please help.