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I know its open ended question but I researched a lot to figure out the solution for the same but I didn't find the any concrete solution. I am stuck with an issue of sending push notification to Salesforce1 App through customization functionality of Salesforce. On the update of a particular field of Case object which defines the severity of Case created, I want to send the push notification to few related users.

I have gone through the documentation "Salesforce Mobile Push Notifications Implementation Guide" but it seems its more related to sending the push notification to Salesforce1 app from other applications. But I am looking for a solution to send push notification from salesforce.com to Salesforce1 app.

Any help??

Thanks in advance!!
We are triggerening an e-mail send by API on ExactTarget, we have no problems triggering such e-mail sent, but we'd like to confirm is the OK status that it returns upon completion of the call it's confirming that the triggering has been received or if the actual send has been delivered.
The idea is, do we need to make an API call to send the triggered email and then check the status of the triggeredsend by retrieving the tracking data of such send? Or can we assume that the StatusCode that we receive when triggering the send actually translates to a confirmation of such send?