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When icall a webservice i have below error :
curl: Failed connect to url name operation now in progress
I have created a Ouath authentification by creating username and client id key, etc.

I am trying tocall the webservice from Putty.
I am on company server virtual machine, 

A firewall exsist insidecompany.

What am i missing ?
- do i need to add authorised IP ?
- do i need to add host name ?


I am sending an email from an apex class like
Messaging.SendEmailResult [] r = 
 Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] {email});

This email is sent afer a modification made on opportunity.

When i send email:
I have Body, attachment.

I want this email to be showed on Opportunity.

Can i show this as Task and add it on related list on Opportunity ?
or I add an attachment and say that opportunity is the parent.

thank you in advance for suggestions

I want to call 5 webservice in sequential order, like

If i call one webservice and i wait for request and
based on thatrequest, i constrt a request..

I do for5 times.

If i call all of them in one apex class, What are restrictions in terms of timings or timeut

thank you for suggestion

I have an Emailtemplate and a Attachment is added to it,
When i click on the email attachment, it givesme below error.

What can be the reason ?

Thank you 
User-added image

I am sending an email from the apex code, the email is getting attached to th accounts but the attachments are not geting attached to the email.
Attachments section is null

I have object oppotunity
Opportunity have a lookup contact 
Is it possible to create a "list view" on opportunity object based on a filter of contact.

Forexample.. a list view on opportuntity..
Which says.
If (field on contact == true)

Thank youfor sugesstion

I have lookup "contact" on my "opportunity", 
"Contact" has a field called "XYZ (checkbox)".
I want to implement a validation rule which says that, if the Opportunity Stage is Won, then only allow the users to mody the checkbox on Contact.

How can i implement this validation rule ?
thank you for sugestions

I have a lookup on the "opportunity" to the "contact".
Once the user clicks on this lookup, tit should only show all the contact which are XYZ. Xyz is a field that is checked on contact.

Thank you for suggestion

I want to add a value to the "source" field of "lead" oject, and pass it through the chage set.

Is it possible to do bychange set ?

Thank you in advance

I have created a rest API in Salesforce which will be used by other services.

To make the Ouath authentification, i have created a "connected app" and a dedicated "user" user will have API acess

I want to test this on Postman, how can i get the API key, etc, 
What are the steps ?

Thank you for advise


I have developed a webservice on the salesforce , i exposed the data. Hence the user can connect to salesforce and read the information.

i have created a connected app and also secifieda user with API acess.

How can i create a swagger and let the user test the API

Thank you in advance

On my sandbox i have below layout (which i need)
User-added image
on my production , i havebelow layout
User-added image

What can i do so that my layout looks like preprod ?
I have feed activated, both page layout are same, still the difference 

Thank you fir suggestion

What are the impact of deleting the waiting "time based workflow" or "Paused and Waiting Interviews",


When i am trying to convert lead, i have below error:
Unable to convert lead that is in use by workflow.

when i check in debug logsi dont see any errors, i only have few logs saying it entered managed package..
Can someone guide me ?


for some of the fields on a custom object, I want to track the few fields, so i activated the 3 fields in field history. but those fields are not visible on the record of the custom obhject.
I cannot see the chatter or the related lsit for history.
I have added the related list to the page layout and also feed tracking. 
Am i missing any step ?

Thank you for advise

If i am sending anemail from opportunity, how can i show them as the related list on opportunity

thank you for suggestion

I have set the what id to a opportunity id, but i am not able to see the email attachment on the opportunity.

Messaging.SingleEmailMessage email = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage(); 

What can be the reason ?


I want to use the standard salesforce feature button. When user clicks the button, it will be divert him to a webpage.
Basically i need a hyperlink.

Is this hyperlink or button can be included in standard page section.
For example, can i drag and drop it below the last modified date,

Thankyou in advance for suggestion

I wanted to know, how can i create a hyperlink anddisplay it in a section of the Opportunity.

The use casecab be achived by formulawith hyperlink, bu i want the same usecase with button

Thank you for suggestion

I am sending an email from the Apex class, i want to attache this email to the record of opportunity.
I have the opportunity Id,

I am using Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] to send the email

Thank you for suggestions

When somone gives a swagger, What else do we need to do to do testing in Postman.

is there any authentcation key i should ask ?

I imported the swagger and i directly clicked on send
I get below error
    "code": "500",
    "name": "Internal Gateway Error",
    "message": "error unknown

I have below errror message i received from a process builder.

Error Occurred: The flow tried to update these records: null. This error occurred: DUPLICATES_DETECTED: Click on the links below to view or edit the potential duplicate records.. For details, see API Exceptions.

what can be reason

thanks for suggestion !

I am looking for way to override the standard Recent account pages.
User-added image
Basically, I want to remove the New button, and keeping rest as it is.
I donot want to consume new tab

Thanks for suggestion

I have a few account records, few of the accounts are ticked as "Customer account"/portal accounts
What does it signifies, and what is its importance ?

How can i make testing of its usability, like i want to know if it is was really useful to make this account as customer account ?

thank yo for suggestion !

For the profiles related to chatter name, like chatter free user, chatter external user, there is no option for "Object setting", there a re only optione for "Apex class access", etc.

How can i access the object settings for this profiles

While updating records using data loader, do the triggers execute ?

If not, what are other ways of updating records where i can make sure that the triggers execute.

Thank you for suggestions

I have a currency field on my object with name Price__c i want to populate it from the field (ParentPrice__c ) of parent (Parent__c) 

how can i achieve it in trigger,
thanks for suggestion

How can you check access to users or profiles for price books ?

Thank you

I have a picklist with values A, B, C in them,

I want to force the user to chooseat least one of the choice.
Is there any standard way or should i implement any validation rule ?

Thank you for suggestion!
 <ConfigElement name="cAccount" Url="https://servicesgateway.com/1/rest/searchByName" ContractID="XXXX" UserPrefix="XXXXXXX" UserID="XXXXX" Password="XXXXX" AppID="XXX" Version="1" />

I have a above link, which is link for web service.

I want to get the data from this link.

What are steps to do so using REST 


I am looking for a tutorial to integrate a wed service using rest method.

I have webservice which sends XML request and get XML response.
I am looking for tutorial to integrate a simple exsisitng web service, later i will modify for me.


How is it possible to calculate distance between two points given the lattitude and longitude.
Also, are there other geolocalization apps i can have a look


I am using joined report

Is it possibel to take a screenshot of a report (or converting report in to pdf)and get it in apex.

I will later use it to email by scheduler

thank you

I have a custom objects.
There are few rows created for this custom object.

How cna i know where all is this custom object used.

How is it possible to include a visualforce page along with the dashboard. The dashboard will also have other reports as well

How to check the number of dashboard created in salesforce.

When i am trying to convert lead, i have below error:
Unable to convert lead that is in use by workflow.

when i check in debug logsi dont see any errors, i only have few logs saying it entered managed package..
Can someone guide me ?


I have email template that user receives.
When the user replies to this email, they get the HTML tags too.

How can i get rid of HTML tags in this case ?

I have a process builder where it posts on chatter. the process builder is giving error sayig that the chatter group is archived.
but when i check the group,it is active.

Howcan i debug this issue ?
thankyou for advice

How can i add a URL link to a VF page layout and is it possible that it can be dynamic as i wanted to do url passing.

thank you in advise

I have an emailTemplate.

When the email is sent to the clients, first word HELLO, which is in bold appears to be in different color to some users.

What can be the reason for this unusual behaviour ?

I have below error when deploying a process builder with the email alert
You must specify a verified Org Wide Email Address for this sender type

what canbe the workaround ?



I have "organisation wide adress" but sometimes, when users sends the email: he gets this error message.
responseof distance server
552 size limit exceeded

Thanks for advise

I was trying to add a "dashboard filter" in lighning.
I am getting only "date" fields for filter.

What are limitations for dashboard filter ?

Thank you for inputs 

I am using lightning.

How can see the archived chatter groups ?
Are than any impacts to acivate or diactivate a chatter group ?

Thank you for suggetion

Are there any salesforce tools to manage the names of the resources or any general rules o follow to name the classes, VF, Lightning components, laysouts, etc

thank you for any inputs

When the email is not delivered to the client, i receive the undelivered emails.

Whatt can be the reason of it ? Below is email i receive

An error occurred while trying to deliver the attached email.
You can send the following information to the owner of clientemail@i-8zvz2orfz1ywy.0y.eu11.apex.salesforce.com.

An internal error occured

An internal error occured

The attached email could not be processed because:

EmailHandlingFailedException: code=550, Unable to parse or decode the contents of the email.


- I want to develope a solution where i can communicate with a third party application.
- the communication will be in two way.

1) I should call the third party system (i suppose i should call a webservice, i have done this one before)
2) should expose the salesforce o the third party system (never tried it)

Can someone guide me he concept behind 1 & 2, what do they mean in Salesforce  ?
Also, wha are they called in salesforce, so i can find some corresponding code on inernet ?

Thank you very much in advance

In my case object, i want to track a time from when the status changes to A or B and count it until the status is not changed to C and if the status is set to C,i need to halt the times, what are ways i could achieve it.

thank you for your suggestions.


I have two account which have a certain Account hierarcy with them.

I want to put one of the account below the other, what impacts shoud i need to consider.
and where can i check technically for impacts if any
thanks for suggestion!