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HI Friends,

     I need help urgently to this question. I have a managed package  of version 5 on appexhange. Many customers are using it.While working on the upgrade of version 6 I removed some apex pages and classes which were developed in version 1 and which I am not using at all. Now I released  6  beta version. and when I try to test it in my testing instance, I am unable to upgrade my testing instance to version 6 beta. While upgrading it throughing error 
"Salesforce has blocked this package upgrade because the new package version removes some Apex code that one or more Visualforce pages or global Visualforce components need in order to function. Please contact your partner with this error information. Provide these component names to your partner. Visualforce Pages:"

 Now my question is can salesfroce support downgrade my package to version 5 in my development instace with all my classes and pages?