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Hello everyone,

I need quick help from you guys regarding Service Console application.

I have created a console app as well as a custom app. Both of these apps are assigned to one of my custom profile, called Customer Support profile where I have set console app as a default app.

What I am facing is that when any of the user logs into the system, then they see Service Console app as deault app, Home page layout as default layout, but "Back to Service Console" tab as the only single tab.

When I click on this tab, it redirects me to the actual Home tab of Console app.

I want actual Home tab as a default tab, as it should be.

If I select another application (another custom application assigned to this profile), and come back to this Console app, then it is showing me actual home tab. I am expecting the same behavior for all users when they logged into the system.

Both of the snapshots are attached. (Issue / requirement)

Please help!!

User-added image

User-added image