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Is this a typo in the trailhead or am I misunderstanding the text?

One of the Important boxes states: The default external access level must always be more restrictive or equal to the default internal access. When you’re setting up your external org-wide defaults, you can’t give your community member more access to an object than you do to an internal Salesforce org user. A best practice is to always have external org-wide defaults set to private.

Step 12 states: Choose an access level of Read Only or Read/Write. (If the object’s organization-wide sharing setting is Public Read Only, then only Read/Write is available.) 

These seem to contradict each other. Shouldn't Step 12 state "If the object’s organization-wide sharing setting is Public Read Only, then only Read Only is available"?

I have problem with finalizing this module, the problem is concerning step "Get Your Application Up and Running", points 3 and 4.
I am receiving error message: [Agent] ERROR: Not logged into Salesforce, so  I am following the instruction and clicking Agent URL, which should redirect me to the login page. 

Unfortunately I receive white screen with error message: error=invalid_client_id&error_description=client%20identifier%20invalid

Please let me know if had similiar problem and/or how I can solve this issue.

Best regards
My issue seems to be very strange. I have created this process and when I test it, it is updating the sales price to deposit amount as said in the requirement. But when the chellenge is checked it gives me error message:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Fulfillment Cancellation Automation process does not appear to be working properly. Make sure that a cancelled Fulfillment updates the Adventure Package correctly.

Chose the fullfillment object
have proper conditions:
User-added image

and update the adventure package
User-added image

I tested it and it seems to be updating the sales price to the diposit amount correctly:
User-added image

but still on checking Chellenge I get the error:
User-added image

completedly stumped!!! please let me know if anybody faced the same issue. any help.