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Hi All,

We are facing a big problem with professional edition because my client purchased a professional edition and use this to make an application.
But problem is that we are not able to write apex classes, triggers and many things.

We found one solution that Force.com ISV Security Review, using this we can publish the app in App Exchange(with Managed). Now we can use this app after installation.
But problem is here, i want to add more features to that app. How Can i do that ? because we couldnot find Apex Class and Trigger in Develop(Setup-->Develop).

So please any one let me know how we can achieve this issue.

I appreciate your response.

Thank you..
Hi everyone,
I have just started learning apex, pls help .
I need to write a bulk trigger When Account ‘active’ field is updated, status field should be set to Active for all the contacts related to Account.

global class getipController {

    global static String ipAddress {get; set;}
    global InfoForm__c  Info = new InfoForm__c();
    global getipController(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
        this.Info = (InfoForm__c)controller.getRecord();
        ipAddress = ApexPages.currentPage().getHeaders().get('X-Salesforce-SIP');
        Info.Ip__c = IpAddress;

I am struggling to make sense with testing this visualforce controller extension. Any help to build a test clas will be very much appreaciated.
Thank you.

When someone takes the time/effort to repspond to your question, you should take the time/effort to either mark the question as "Solved", or post a Follow-Up with addtional information.  


That way people with a similar question can find the Solution without having to re-post the same question again and again. And the people who reply to your post know that the issue has been resolved and they can stop working on it.