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I came across a weird issue in salesforce that an apex class is visible in process builder but not in the org.

I created new process in process builder.Steps as follows -

1) Click On Immediate Action -> Action Type->Select Apex from drop down.
2)Give a name to Action
3)In Apex Class -> Select one Apex Class.

4)Now here in Apex Class picklist I can see one Entry or class name .This class does exist.

When I am trying to see this in the org in Apex Classes -  it doesn't exist.

Why is it so.

My guess
1)  The class I am seeing in process builder  is not an apex class . It might be some custom setting or trigger etc. 
2) I don't have access to the class .somehow I am seeing this in builder but not available in the org as it's deleted.
3) Its deleted.
4) Its a bug.

I checked on work bench  , recycle bin , custom setting  but got nothing.

What else can be the reason of this behaviour.?
Plz help guys.
Hello Everyone
I am new to Salesforce .I want to give Certification exam of Dev 401 and ADM 201.
Please help me if anyone have latest Dumps. I heard Pattern has  changed from Winter 2016 release.
Please send me Preparation Material  at my email :   nitin.4nov@gmail.com .
Thanks. :)
When trying to complete the chalenge in Data Security Module, getting the following error.
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
An inactive user with 'guestadmin' in the username was not found. Make sure that the user is inactive and that the Username includes the 'guestadmin' string

Did everything..created user, unchecked Active checkbox and even freezed the user. Still getting the error message. What is that I am missing?

Hi All,.


Normally  in dot net are java there is no limits but coming to salesforce it should have governor limits so Why governor limits are required in salesforce and what is the reason.Kindly let me know any one.



Hi All,


Can anyone tell What is the major difference b/w is null and is blank?