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Hi Salesforce Team,

I want to ask a question related to make a decision for our business partner.

Currently we are using force.com platform for leveraging our business and building storefront sites using Salesforce.

 Apart from this we are currently having SAP mobile platform with Native Mobile app running (Used for Field services to connect business model with various Clients/Account). The Native app (Build on SAP mobile platform - Unwired app) is up and running fine having a features of Synchronising data from Device to Actual Database platform using API (Rest services). This Unwired application is using and running over Android platform device.

We are planning to migrate this app(SMP Native app) to Force.com platform. So please suggest us ,what all the options does Salesforce force.com platfrom provide to leveraging the same feature as like as our current Native Mobile app.

Is force.com platform can individually provide us to leverage our Native app to Salesforce, or do we need to buy another platform like Heroku..or something else that can provide the same functionality what currently we are having in our app. And what all the benefits do we get to opt such option..?

8. What is a benefit of the Lightning Component framework?
A. 0 Better performance for custom Salesforce M1obile apps.
B. ® Better integration with Force.com sites.
C. 0 More pre-bulk components to replicate the Salesforce look and feel.
D. 0 More centralized control via server-side logic.
How to get/load Oracle database / Sql server database / DB2 database/ Teradata DB data into Salesforce without using any Appexchange application and all. Can we code to load all these database data to Salesforce using Visualforce and Apex coding....I dont want any external integration tool and nor any Application provided by salesforce. ALL I want to do uaing Visualforce code and Apex code only...
Can we get to know from where we can find the Standard controller 'Account' apex code? and Standard Account Visual force pages code..????

i not understanding usage of junction object .

Please explain usage and how to create junction object with a example