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The outbound message functionality is clean and does what we need it to do.  We like the session id feature and the response back. 

Can it be used through a button?  Ours fires from a workflow action.  The workflow fires when an object is saved.  Just want to invoke the outbound message without saving anything. 

Would like the functionaliy to work just like it does with a workflow but this time through a button. 

If APEX is necessary what is the syntax to call the outbound message?




On Contacts I have a option to send bulk emails (Mass Email Contacts), I want to have same to send SMS's.


When I select the "wizard" from Mass Email Contacts, have "Step 1 to 4", basicaly I need "Step 1" (Specify the recipients to include) and "Step 2" (Select an email template).


Salesforce have some component that allows perform these steps without having to develop by me?



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  • October 21, 2010
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