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We have docusign integration with Salesforce. Sometimes when the Docusign Envelope is sent from from Salesforce is not getting attached to the "DocuSign Status" related list. This issue is intermittent.
Has anyone encountered this problem..? 


If I got to Setup > Security Controls > View Setup Audit Trail it shows me the latest 20 entries in the Setup Audit Trail and then gives me a link to download.  The link points here...


The id is the SFDC Org Id.  I need to programmatically gain access to this log, there are three ways I see this being possible...

-Download the log a different way

-Find out what the CONFIRMATIONTOKEN is and how I can generate it

-Access the Setup Audit Trail directly somehow with out needing to download the full log


Do anyone have any insite into how I can make any of these three methods work?