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I keep getting the "Challenge Not yet Complete......... Here's whats wrong"
Lightning page named 'New Account Page' does not appear to have the correct components on it.

The new record page must use the 'Header and Two Columns' template, be called 'New Account Page', and be assigned to the Account object. (Check this is done)
The page must have the Highlights Panel and Twitter components, and a Tabs component with these tabs containing these components: (Check this is done)
Activity Tab contains the Activities Component - Complete
Collaborate Tab contains the Feed Component - Complete
Related Tab contains the Related Lists Component - Complete
Details Tab contains the Record Detail Component - Compelte

Here is a screen shot, I believe I have all the items I am supposed to as well as what goes inside the components.
User-added image
We created and published a managed package, this last version was released in Dec. 2015. From within this package we access both a Custom Settings object that we created as well as make calls to Schema.SObjectType.Contact.fields.getMap(). Everything works fine.

We just made modifications to this managed package. In these modifications we added a new Custom Settings object and we reference the Opportunity SObject to get its field information. The custom settings object is referenced from a class that existed in the original version of the application. The calls to get the Opportunity field information are made from both a previously existing class as well as a new class. None of the new calls work (new custom settings object and calls to get Opportunity field information), although the old calls (acces to the original custom field and calls to get Contact field information) continue to work fine.

Our application requires the non-profit service pack.

During my investigation I created a new managed package that gets the Opportunity field information via dynamic Apex. This code is in a controller behind a visual force page. When I upload this managed package into our test orgs, everything runs fine. When I copy this controller and visualforce page character-for-character into my existing managed package and load it into our test orgs, once again, nothing works.

Just to be clear, these dyanamic Apex calls do not produce and error, they simply return no field information.

In the past I would have expected that setting API_Access to Unrestricted would have solved this problem, however, it appearas that this setting has been removed in Summer 2016. 

How do I get this access to work in my existing package. I do not want to create a new package as this will cause all sorts of upgrade problems for our customers.