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On the AppExchange, we'd like to offer a free trial via a Trialforce template, which I understand we can associate with our package and allow download via "get it now" on the AppExchange.
However, what is the experience for a customer that wants to buy the application, which then requires a new package delivery, installation and configuration into their own Org?  Does the LMA automatically identify the customer as a Trialforce client and then the "Get It Now" is a package download option into their own organization instead of another Trialforce download? 
Here's the error message: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The field 'Street_Address__c' either does not exists on the Property__c object or it is not of type textarea." 
and here's my entry: 
pictureof Field Added
as you can see, the field name is correct, the field type is correct, and the "always require..." box is checked.  

What's wrong? 
Looking to see if I can easily create a calendar view of a contact's activities as they are known in Salesforce.  I don't believe this is standard SF functionality 
I have a custom button that works in classic where we launch a separate window.  The Behavior is set to Display In New Window.  However, in my Lightning Experience test, this page replaces the main content.  How can I alter the Lightning experience so that it also pops open a new window instead of refreshing the main screen with the page? 

Setup - > Personal Setup -> Email -> My Email Settings
Using above path we can enter the Email Name, Email Address , BCC & Email Signature.
My Question:
Where the Email Signature values stored in the SFDC Objects?
My Requirement:
I need to show the Email Signature values in my Custom Visualforce page using Apex class or ?
can you please help me to get this value