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We are trying yo implement a custom forgot password functionality on a mobile app which will call a webservice on salesforce to reset the password of user.
The problem here is, which authentication/authorization flow should i suggest to mobile developer. Because user won't remember the password (and that is the reason he is going for forgot password functionality)

User name password flow - Cannot use as it requires user name to login.
Web server flow - It only requires user name / password login for the first time, but this is something which we want to avoid.
User agent flow - It also requires username / password login for first time (Please correct me if i am wrong here)

The other option i have is to expose the webservice to public (which i want to avoid) - security reasons

Is there any App based authentication flow, meaning, i say to salesforce that this is my app and it will try to hit the webservice?? And it should be allowed.

I assigned a new user with exiticing profile in my dev org,When i try to creating record it shows me error "You are not allowed to create record".But same profile (alredy created user with same profile) user have creted record successfully, can any one help me how can i reslove this.

Is there a possible custom coding that can hide an opportunity record from owner?  
I am beginner in salesforce,
Can anyone tell, how to integrate salesforce api in php.

Hello Team,

I'am new to sales force. I need to integrate sales force to serivce now. What am looking is,
If we create a Case in Sales Force then an incident should be created in servicenow insatance. Or any API are present to do this.

Could any one help me. The Process to achieve this ?

Thanks in advacne

I was making the Challenge for "Automating Time-based Actions with Workflow" and then create a workflow action for "Set Case to Escalated", I deleted it by mistake (system didn't even ask) and then create again but it doesn't allow me and gives me this error:
Error: This Unique Name already exists or has been previously used. Please choose a different name.
I emptied recyble bin as read in the forum but the system still doesn't allow me to create the new task.
I have the Workflow Rule create and valid but Trailhead verificator doesn't find the task name and Challenge is not approved:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Set Case to Escalated' Workflow field update action was not found.