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We have a lead that has been converted to opportunity. We want to merge opportunity stage, back in the lead status field.

We are able to view the converted lead, and manually update the converted lead (salesforce settings allow this).

Now we're trying to update the lead "automatically" using the "process builder". The process builder needs to look at any updates to the opportunity-> stage field and based on that, update the corresponding lead (lead->status field). We have the lead ID stored in the opportunity for the lookup.

Somehow the process builder is not able to find the "converted lead", hence the update is failing.

In case this is not possible using "process builder", should we implement this use case using "apex code development"? appreicate any pointers you may have.
Hi all, 

We would like to add a custom button (ORDER) that sales rep can click to start billing for a customer. When the rep clicks that button they are taken to our company billing wizard (https://support.birdeye.com/billing). We would like to pass the opportunity owner (sales rep name) + lead source + account name + few more fields from both opportunity and account to the billing flow. 

Would appreciate any guidance to API documentation / APEX programming on how to do this.

Many thanks
CEO BirdEye