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I am working on 'Build a Community with Knowledge and Chat' trail and inside 'Enable and Configure Lightning Knowledge' module, I am not able to enable Lightning Knowledge as I cannot see this option in my developer org.Knowledge Settings screenshot missing the 'Enable Lightning Knowledge' option

Because of this, I am not able to complete this module. Please help!


Best regards
In the trailhead "Creating Object-Specific Quick Actions" section, "Add an Action to an Object’s Page Layout" paragraph, I creat a Quick Action to creat a Contact from the Account Object.  However, when I edit the object and try to move it to the Account layout from the Salesforce1 Actions Palette to either of the "Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher" or the "Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions" it will not move. 

I can move it from the Quick Actions palette to the "Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher". 

These are the instructions I'm following:

4. Click the Salesforce1 Actions category in the palette.
On object page layouts, the Salesforce1 Actions category contains all available types of actions for the object, including quick actions, productivity actions, and standard and custom buttons.

5. Drag some actions from the palette into the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section.

They just don't work.  :-(